Medical house visit and emergency service for all privately health insured, travellers and expats.

  • Our english speaking doctors will come immediately: to your home, hotel, airport or place of business
  • We are happy to help: with acute discomforts, infections, chronic illnesses, or minor injuries
  • mobile GPs (Family Doctors) thorough examinations & lab tests like PCR and Covid-AG-Quick tests with medical certificates
  • Free of charge for the privately health insured*, for direct payers starting from 140 € per house call *further Information

These doctors will visit you in Berlin Germany:

Our doctors and medical specialists have abroad range of medical knowlege and abilities. Only a team of several doctors can provide such a 24 hour emergency service. Please show understanding for the fact that it won’t always be the same doctor attending you.

Fair billing according to GOÄ
(Tariff for doctors)

Billing for the
privately health insured


If you have a private health insurance or supplemental insurance plan (i.e. subsidy), the costs of our medical services are usually covered in full.

Those who are privately health insured with a standard tarif (i.e. postal clerks – B), student tariff, or similar will have to cover the remaining difference. Those insured with a basic tariff are charged equally to those with public health insurance.

Our switchboard can be reached at any time on the telephone number:
030 / 255 553 655

Billing for the publicly health insured, travellers and expats


If you have a public health insurance (i.e. “Gesetzliche Krankenkasse”) and want to use our emergency service, you will have to cover the costs yourself. Unfortunately, the government health system does not cover the costs. The bill, however, is fair – unnecessary costs are avoided. A comprehensive visit with consultation and a thorough examination starts at €140, depending on the time of day, used material and medication and access route. Please ask the doctor on the phone about an approximate price.

If you are not registered in Germany you have to pay the invoice right after treatment in cash. You can hand in the bill to your insurance company in your country of residence.

The bill will be made out by the doctor, who came to see you. 

If you are a german resident, the invoicing process will be handled by the professional “Privatärztlichen Verrechnungsstelle (PVS)” (private medical care clearing company) in Berlin. Medical house calls are billed in accordance with the official scale of charges and fees for medical professionals (“amtlichen Gebührenordnung für Ärzte” – GOÄ). The PVS checks each bill for its factual accuracy, so no problems occur with private insurers or subsidies.

Such a holistic approach appeals to me

Dr. Baris was very thorough in her examination (for burning in the back/pelvis/legs). She not only suggested relieving exercises, but also demonstrated them. I like such a holistic approach better than the old-fashioned method of giving medication and leaving everything as it was.

The doctor took his time

A really great and friendly team! We were very enthusiastic about the telephone reception and about the quick contact of the doctors. The doctor took his time and was very understanding! Thank you for your quick and professional help!

I called as a self-payer and it had been worth it

I have had three very good experiences with in the last few months. Especially doctor Ariane Hage, who really saved my 80 year old father’s life, was very special! She was technically very competent, immediately assessed the situation correctly and initiated the necessary steps. She was also very empathetic on a human level. And also afterwards she repeatedly inquired about the condition and gave good advice for convalescence. She is a doctor who still practices according to the ideal of the Hippocratic oath, which is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare today. My family will always be grateful to her. I also had a super experience with your colleague Dr. Steffin. Conclusion: I called as a self-payer and it was worth it after being turned away at the statutory emergency service. I will always turn to in emergencies.

It is so great that the team of doctors from exists!

Dr. Steffin is a great doctor and a great help in this situation. It was not the first time I used the home visit service. In principle, I go to my primary care doctor as an insurance patient, but sometimes it is worth it to me to have a doctor come to my home, but it would be inappropriate to call a fire department emergency physician or go to the emergency room. So far I have requested home visits three times as a self-pay patient, two of those times Dr. Steffin came by, once another doctor who was also very competent though. I can highly recommend this private medical company, so from me here today 5 stars on Google Maps, THANK YOU!

I was very satisfied and grateful

1. the doctor came very quickly after the call.
2. he has a very nice manner and really took time for me.
3. I felt much better after the treatment.
4. he called me again a day later and asked me how I was and gave me some more tips.
I was very satisfied and grateful

Doctors were very empathetic and dedicated

Last year Mr. Beck, a week ago Mr. Birinci made a home visit to me. Both doctors were very empathetic and engaged, even beyond the home visit. Many THANKS!!!

I would recommend

I needed a doctor quickly at night for my girlfriend and then came to arriving doctor Beck was there quickly and treated her caringly and seemed competent to me.

I appreciate the professionalism

Very experienced and competent, as well as fast service. Besides the personal and individual advice, I appreciate the professionalism during and after treatment.

With syringes the service cost 200 euros

My mother had a suspected lumbalgia with severe pain and barely able to walk. After the KV standby service was no chance to reach someone, I called the service The inquiry was taken up objectively, 20 min later called the physician Dorin Ionus back and asked for the complaints. He would come in about 20 min. He was there on time, was super competent, examined professionally, was sensitive and as you imagine a doctor. With all the trimmings, a total of just under an hour, with injections, the service cost 200 euros. My mother felt better on the day. The healing was still going on as diagnosed. That money was worth it. I would call again anytime immediately. The best decision.

Felt comfortable and well advised

My wife had to use this service once. She is super satisfied with the service and the doctor (Mr. Kher Beck). She was well advised and they did not try to push any unnecessary injections or medications on her. The doctor listened to her situation and took enough time for the examination. She felt comfortable and well advised. She felt much better after the visit. She would use the service again. And if Mr. Kher Beck should read this: Thank you for your help in her time of need.

My absolute favorite doctor

Dr. Steffin is very human, caring and professionally he seems insanely well-versed and competent. My absolute favorite doctor.

Nice and competent on-call doctor

Called this morning and promptly came a nice and competent on-call doctor. Thank you for the help.

The source of the ratings cited here is Google Maps: – Arzt-Notdienst und Hausbesuche für Berlin

Our medical team

In contrast to many pure mediation platforms, our doctors are carefully selected and some of them have been in cooperation for many years.
We are there for each other at our regular meetings, by phone and in chat. This allows us to consult with each other professionally in particularly difficult cases, anonymously of course, and in compliance with the duty of confidentiality.
A treatment contract is concluded exclusively with the doctor on call. All doctors participating in have a broad range of expertise and can always take the time to provide thorough treatment.

The most common cases encountered by our medical emergency service in Berlin

Our private medical on-call service works with a team of qualified duty doctors with different specialities. In this way our on-call service in Berlin can provide competent medical treatment for a wide range of severe emergencies. If a duty doctor finds that additional examinations are required for diagnosis, they will admit you to hospital. In any case, you’re in good hands with us!

Everyone who has suffered a colic before knows the severe sudden pains that seem to come out of nowhere and immediately disable the person affected. Most of the times the affected is so unwell that they have to call a duty doctor. After thorough examination, our doctor will initially administer an antispasmodic, pain-relieving agent and will try to narrow down the possible causes. When the acute symptoms have eased, further examination at a hospital or with a medical specialist is required. The doctors of our private medical emergency service will advise you accordingly and refer you as appropriate.

Influenza viruses lurk everywhere. Contrary to the common cold, which usually takes its time, the onset of a flu is very sudden and often severe: a strong sense of illness, high fever with chills, headaches and aching limbs, inflamed airways. Secondary illnesses such as pneumonia, inflammation of the brain or heart muscle, and angina are problematic.

Angina tonsillaris (tonsillitis) is a purulent inflammation of the tonsils and can be accompanied by difficulties swallowing, fever, and a general sense of illness. With each inflammation the tissue becomes more and more scarred and craggy and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which have to be fought with antibiotics. An unnoticed and therefore untreated angina can lead to severe secondary diseases of the heart, kidneys and joints.

Severe Infections of the upper airways can transition into pneumonia (an inflammation of the lungs), which is usually accompanied by fever and a intense sense of illness. As opposed to a common cough pneumonia can become life threatening. For the person affected it is difficult to tell the difference. That’s why a medical on-call service should be contacted in any severe case.

If you are unwell and unsure whether you are suffering from a flu, a common cold, or angina, ask our duty doctor for a house call. The doctors of out emergency service Berlin know the symptoms well and can make a competent decision, whether you should be admitted to hospital or can be treated at home.

Usually it happens at home, doing sports, or due to icy conditions in winter: a fall! Fortunately, that doesn’t always mean a fracture. Nevertheless, bruised bones and sprains can be especially painful. Only an experienced doctor can now tell, whether it’s a fractured bone, a bruised one, or a sprain. In most cases a radiograph will be necessary.

If you are unsure of what to do, call our emergency service. Our duty doctor will be with you quickly and can decide, whether you’ll need to be admitted to hospital for a radiograph or not. In case of sprains or bruised bones our emergency doctor will prescribe cooling and a pain-relieving agent during his house call, allowing you to rest and heal at home.

An inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) can be very uncomfortable: constant desire to void, painful and burning urination. If a urinary track infection isn’t treated promptly and thoroughly, it can turn into an inflammation of the renal pelvis (pyelitis).

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, you should seek out medical help quickly. Each doctor of our emergency service in Berlin can perform a rapid test and has the necessary experience to make a definite diagnosis. If the suspicion of an inflammation of the bladder is confirmed, the doctor can help you immediately. Antibiotics aren’t always necessary. Depending on the medical findings a herbal treatment can be sufficient. The respective prescription and, if need be, a sick note will be issued on-site.

Who hasn’t suffered the symptoms before: The stomach aches sorely, suffers convulsions and flatulence and severe diarrhoea strikes several times a day. Doctors call this “acute diarrhoea”, which can be caused by bacteria and their poisons, by viruses, and by parasites. The bowls try to mend themselves by increasingly releasing fluids. This loss of fluids, however, often leads to a massive loss of electrolytes (minerals / salts), which the body needs for vital metabolic processes.

Getting fast help is important! The duty doctors of our private medical emergency service will be with you quickly and will amongst other things administer infusions to counteract the loss of fluids and electrolytes. Depending on the symptoms examining a stool sample might be the next appropriate step to exclude bacteria and parasites as possible causes.

Allergy sufferers can run out of air from time to time. In this case asthma is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. Getting fast help is important! The duty doctors of our private medical emergency service will be with you shortly to make sure you can breathe freely once again.

Fever brings back to health, but is also always an indicator for a serious illness. To ensure an accurate diagnosis can be made quickly, better turn to our emergency service in Berlin. Our experienced emergency doctor is familiar with a multitude of possible causes and will be able to make a diagnosis by observing the accompanying symptoms.

Acute illnesses can’t wait for can’t wait for a resident doctor’s consultation hours. You need immediate help – during evenings, weekends, and holidays. In the Berlin area our medical emergency service will be with you quickly. A competent team of emergency doctors is awaiting your call around the clock and will provide fast relief of pain and suffering caused by maladies.

Our on-call service will come to you no matter where you are in Berlin: to your hotel or any private accommodation. The payment and billing is entirely uncomplicated. If you live and are registered in Germany, we will send the bill to your home and you can hand it in to your medical insurance company for reimbursement. If you are visiting from another country, you can pay in cash or via the hotel bill, if you have no cash at hand, as long as the hotel offers this service. In any case you will be given a bill with a diagnosis your medical insurance company will accept.